About Us


From its grassroots inception in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, MPowrx has grown into an international company with product sales and distribution in over 85 countries. Built on the entrepreneurial spirit of Dr. Nancy Markley, MPowrx is now supported by a global team that markets high quality health and wellness products to people around the world.

Our Mission

Innovation for a Healthy Future

Since its inception in 2005, MPowrx has followed one unifying principal: wellness made simple through science. These simple words are reinforced by four ideas that inform everything we do.

  • People First: solving human problems for better living.
  • Informed Intelligence: science always leads the way.
  • Perfect Simplicity: only what’s effective, nothing more.
  • Health Above All: enriching lives for the very best reasons.

With these beliefs guiding the way, MPowrx strives to be an innovator in the health and wellness market and create a healthier future for everyone.

Our Mission

Leading the Way

MPowrx is a leader in the development, manufacturing, distribution, and marketing of health and wellness products around the world. Our passion is to deliver innovative and affordable solutions to all patients and consumers, no matter where they may be.

Specifically, we create, manufacture, and bring to market qualified health and wellness products that are clinically proven, doctor recommended, cost effective and able to address significant unmet market needs.

We are fully committed to help people live better lives, and welcome any questions you may have about our products, or how to find them in your area.

Our Mission

Wide Open Thinking

MPowrx believes great ideas can come from anywhere. If you have a new direction or innovative health and wellness product for MPowrx to consider, we look forward to hearing from you.